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Brett Favre - The Person
Researched & Written by Tim Evans
On October 10, 1969, a legend was born in Gulfport, Mississippi. Brett Lorenzo Favre grew up in Hancock County in the small town of Kiln. No paved roads – no stop lights. The man who’s famous for getting down and dirty on Sunday afternoons on the football field started his quest for greatness as a little boy walking to school through the dirt roads of “The Kill”. They call it the bayou life in Mississippi.

Favre is arguably the toughest quarterback to ever play the game. How is he able to take hit after hit and never miss a game? Well, the tough man in him comes from his father, Irvin Favre. Brett’s father taught his boys mental and physical toughness. It’s easy to see that the philosophy that Brett grew up with has stuck with him throughout his career with 157 consecutive career starts

His durability started at a young age. He was hit in the head with a baseball bat when he was four years old.
“Leon Farmer was in the on-deck circle – nailed me,” Brett says. “l had a big egg on my head. If I cried, it was because I figured that’s what I was supposed to do. I used to cry when I’d get a whuppin’. It didn’t hurt, but I didn’t want to get another one. I would cry to fool people.”

“He didn’t even cry,” Irvin Favre, Brett’s dad says. “The doctor said it hurt the woman who took him to the hospital more than it hurt Brett.”
As a student, Brett took care of what needed to be done in the classroom, so when the afternoon bell rang, he could take care of what needed to be done on the field. Hancock North Central High was where this kid with all-natural instinct and character fostered his ability to play the game at an age where development is crucial. He earned five letters in baseball and led the team in batting all five seasons. He also received three letters in football. Brett was surrounded by the game night and day, because his father, Irvin, was his coach. Maybe his “ironman” mentality developed while playing both ways, including special teams. Brett played quarterback, strong safety, and also punted and place kicked.
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