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Rafael Nadal Biography

Complete name: Rafael Nadal Parera

Date of birth: 3 of June of 1986

Birthplace: Manacor, Majorca, Spain

Civil state: Single

Height: 1,85

Weight: 85

Eyes: Brown

Hobbies: Play Station, Soccer, read some books, go fishing and go to cinema with his friends.

Place of residence: Manacor, Majorca, Spain

Odd habits: Take shower before the match.

Rafael Nadal musical preferences: Maná, Bon Jovi and Bryan Adams

Favorite actors: Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington

Rafael Nadal Information

Rafael Nadal is keen Football fan and his favourite player is Frenchman Zinédine Zidane
Rafael Nadal has met considerable hostility from the Parisian public during his performances at Roland Garros. He is often booed throughout and even after the match, especially when playing against and beating French players such as Mathieu or Gasquet. Commentators on French TV, such as Guy Forget on France 2, openly say they want him to lose during matches, claiming that “we don’t need construction worker arms in tennis”. After the 2006 Roland Garros final against Federer, Nadal started by praising Federer in his speech. The translator mistranslated the speech, leading the public to think he was praising himself. Nadal was thus booed and whistled at throughout the speech.
Rafael Nadal record-setting 60-match clay court win streak has been consistently belittled by the man whose record he broke–Guillermo Vilas. Vilas reasons that Nadal’s streak isn’t as impressive as his was because “things were much more difficult in my day,” and because Vilas’s 53-match win streak all occurred within the same calendar year–not over two seasons as is the case with Nadal.
Nadal is the nephew of former Spanish footballer Miguel Ángel Nadal, one of Spain’s most capped players. Miguel’s brother Toni is the coach of Rafael.
In preparation for an event, tennis great Pat Cash played a clay-court match against the then fourteen year-old Rafael Nadal. In the end, he was surprised to find himself losing by a close margin.
Rafael Nadal tends to take his time between points much to the chagrin of his opponents. In one point he took close to a full-minute to serve when the allowable time limit was only 20 seconds.
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